TEC Bitutainer™ Direct Fire LPG/LNG Burner/handling equipment


A Range of High Output Efficiently Packaged LPG/LNG Fired Burner Systems, Pre-tested and Ready to Use

Suitable for use with Bitutainers and bulk bitumen storage tanks

  •  Suitable for Bitumen and Bitumen Emulsions
  •  Air damper with micrometric air regulation
  •  Separate gas train for different inlet pressures
  •  Combustion head easy to adjust for fine set up
  •  Quick and Easy to Fit and Remove
  • Burner heads fitted with handles for easy mounting
  • Slotted adaptor plates for quick fitting
  • Optional programmable control panel available
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TEC LPG/LNG Burner System

  (For TEC Direct Fire Bitutainers)