TEC 20,000 Litre IMO1 Fuel Tank Model TR T 878NT/transportation tanks


Fully  IMDG  Compliant  Tank  Container  with  ADR  /  RID  and US DOT / TC Approvals

Suitable for On-Site Storage and Transportation of Heavy and Light Fuel Oils Not Requiring Heating

  •  20,000 Litre carrying capacity (nominal)
  •  ISO 1496 Part 3 "Tank Containers" Rated
  •  Low gross weight to meet over the road weight restrictions
  •  Inner vessel pressure tested to 4.0 bar
  •  Ships as a standard 20ft ISO Container with Lloyds approval
  •  Fully framed with corner twistlocks
  •  Fork Lift Pockets Fitted with Shipping covers
  • Baffled design allows partial payloads to be carried
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Technical Details 


Max GW 26,000 Kgs
Payload  21,000 Kgs
Tare Wt. <5,000 Kgs


Length 6,058 mm (20’)
Width   2,438 mm (8’)
Height  2,591 mm (8’6”)

TEC 20,000 Litre IMO1 Rated Fuel Tank

  Model TR-T-878NT (Non heated)