TEC was established in the early 1990’s with the intention of creating a double skinned alternative to the otherwise single skin bitumen / asphalt containers on the market. This led to the launch of the Bitutainer™ range - which has essentially transformed the transportation of bitumen worldwide, as well as providing the fundamentals to develop container ranges for other fuel oils.

Having supplied thousands of containers across every continent and boasting an impressive client list, TEC is well established as the market leader in bitumen / asphalt tank container (Bitutainer™) supply, as well as having a significant market presence in containers for other Fuel Oils such as Crude, Diesel, HFO and others.

Continuously looking to expand and progress into other markets, TEC’s technical team are tirelessly working to develop the product range and make modifications to existing designs in order to meet the demands of the growing industry. Therefore, if you have any questions about the capabilities of our product range, or are looking for specific tank features not incorporated in our standard designs, please call or send an email to see what we can do to meet your requirements.


TEC is celebrating 20 years of the Bitutainer™
Starting back in 1997, with the ambition of creating a containerised solution for transporting bulk bitumen, both inland and via sea transport. There are now over 20 tanks in the product range catering for Bitumen, Crude Oil, Heavy Fuel Oils, Diesel and other Light Fuel Oils as well as other speciality tanks for individual products such a MEG.